Monday, April 23, 2012

After 8months..

phewww... finally i've got my first menstrual back after 8m+.. i'm fully bf as u'll know.. but since last 4days mens,  i perasan my milk kind of decreasing.. before this everytime i pumped mesti boleh dapat at least 5-6oz and up to 10oz persession.. but now max 4-5oz only persession.. i'm worried but i didnt tell my hubster yet..sebab dia dok tengok stock ebm still maintain..& my bambam still on bf demanding df all the time while i'm around/weekend of coz.. so on weekend more or less i juz manage to pumped 2times per day.. xdapek lebih.. so it worries me so much.. lagi2 when mens.. anyone out there have the same problem with me, milk production kind of decreasing when menstrual period..?? is it normal?? or nanti boleh get back to normal milk production ke?? ke i poyo worries of nothing??  

i'm thinking...i'm thinking...

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