Thursday, September 02, 2010

My Bertandang

Salam Muhibah to all readers & silent readers..

Sorry for long hiatus...been very busy during this coming 1st raya as a wife..hehe ;p
so how's everyone preparation so far??? actually while on hiatus, i keep tracking reading others blog B2B and shopping blog..gud luck for all B2B for ur bigday..may happiness and everlasting love for all..n shopping blog...huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...i've spent soooooo much already...baru berdua...belum bertiga ke empat ke....(T_T)

So for update today will be my last post on my wedding part...which is bertandang side..come n enjoy some pics...

Arrived at hubby house..

Hubby diapit oleh his bestfren same with me by my bestfren...tQ guys! xoxo

di atas singgahsana

kasi suap mamam skit...i lapo gile tyme nih...siap tambah!!

tempting!! sgt sedap wooooooooo...lapo!!

eh tumpang lalu...kasi can buh muke yours truly!

Part of my family!! org2 kuat ni..n sponsor besar kiri kanan belakang hehe

Cake cutting...cake rase so-so je...hehehe i xminat creamy cake..choc je i telan

my family not all..xmuat nak masuk frame hehe

Hubby family..

My Gals

He with the guys!!

Lets check out outdoor post wedding photoshoot..

Tepi jln je kot nih...nice x??? otw ke Taman Tasik Cempaka Bangi..
my OP ternampak jln redup ditutupi pohon2 cm romantik je

Add Video
nottie kan i hehe

Ok dats all..So behind the scene cam biase...
Bride outfit: Sanding- Dzulldeclassique
Groom outfit: Sanding- Dzulldeclassique (Baju Melayu), Busana Cinta (Samping, Tengkolok)
OP: King from Pixelworks
OV: Wandet Entertainment
Catering: Sri Angsana Catering
Pelamin: Sri Angsana Catering
Handbouquet: dekat2 pasar Indian lady jual...murah order 1 day b4...pandai hubby i kan...RM50
Bunga Pahar: Nilai 3
Cake: Sri Angsana Catering
DoorGift: Hulu langat bahulu yg sedap...nak contact name email me..or comment jer...

ok dats all for today update...later2 i will share my dress inspired of ok...

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