Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lil' Precious!

Salam'alaik lovelies....hai all ada sihat?????

me???? i'm in good ticker is up....see above???? hehehe....yes..... i'm now a preggy to share my happiness with all of u out last all illness for last two weeks ANSWERED! seriously i cant believe myself...its been 9 months and a half already been married...but Alhamdulillah syukur praise to Allah gimme this opportunity being one of ummah to add one or more khalifah insyaallah...but due to my previous thyroid case so i end up to referring my case to specialist...insyaallah hope everything went well & hope my lil' precious will be healthy & sempurna kejadian...aminnnn...

hope everyone pray for my healthy & my lil' precious khalifah....thank you...


  1. wahhh..tahniah.
    take care dear.doakan i ikut jejak langkah u after this ye ;P

  2. tq adlyn...jom2 meh meramaikan ummat...hehehe

  3. congrats!
    bestnyee.. semoga semuanya selamat..